10.04 - Knock Knock

Episode four of series ten of the programme we quite like, Doctor Who.


Knock Knock.


Sorry about all the yawning...




10.03 - Thin Ice

The nice Thin Ice.


We The Highlanders, @Feexby23 and @Loll73, chat through the third episode of Series 10 of the programme we quite like, Doctor Who.


Contains scenes of mild buffering from the outset.


10.02 - Smile

An episode commentary for series ten, episode two: Smile.


We can be found at @Feexby23 and @Loll73 on Twitter, or just hanging around minding our own business in Inverness.


10.01 - The Pilot

Doctor Who is back on the telly! Let John (@Feexby23) and Loll (@Loll73) lead you gently, and somewhat erratically, through the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who: The Pilot.


The macaroons were lovely.




The TV Movie

Helloooooo, nice lady and gentleman at home. What's that coming over the hill? New bloody Doctor Who, that's what. As a limbering up exercise John (@Feexby23) and Lawrence (@Loll73) have a good old go at Doctor Who Da Movie from the olden days of 1996. It's pretty awesome, it turns out.


Oh, and we're called The Highlanders now. Everybody got that? The Highlanders.


9.12 - Hell Bent

It's the end, but it may come as no surprise to learn that it has not been remotely prepared for. Join us (@Feexby and @Loll73) as we natter our way through the frankly sublime series 9 closing episode, Hell Bent.

As for the cakes, they were stollen. Except we did pay for them...

9.11 - Heaven Sent

Best. Episode. Ever. Was it? It's certainly a bit brilliant. Join us, John and Lawrence, as we have a ponder and a bit of a chat about Series 9, Episode 11 Heaven Sent. See whether or not you agree with our thoughts about the episode's antecedents, and participate in our general flummoxedness about what is going to happen next.


9.10 - Face The Raven

Traumatic, wasn't it? Let John and Loll take you by the hand and lead you through a street of London in this, the antepenultimate podcast of Doctor Who Series 9.


9.09 - Sleep No More

Is that a speck of dust in your ear? An episode commentary for Doctor Who Series 9, Episode 9 Sleep No More. This podcast was pieced together from footage found in what was left of Lawrence's house after the unanticipated interruption of The Oilman!


Distracted by Lego, and bumbazed by complex moral conundrums John and Lawrence (@Feexby and @Loll73) nevertheless still make it through a commentary for Doctor Who Series 09 Episode 08, The Zygon Inversion. Two thirds of the way through this series already, hmm? How the bloody heck did that happen? 


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