Episode 099 - Blink

A commentary for the series 3 episode Blink, after the usual protracted preamble.

The book John likes is Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban, available from all good and wicked bookshops. We like the ones who pay their taxes best.



The brilliant book podcast that has recently covered Riddley Walker is the Backlisted Podcast:


Una McCormack is in it, and she's one of us.


Lawrence's recommended time travel books are the Lightbringer Trilogy:



The film John chunters on about is Christopher Smith's excellent horror movie Triangle:


 And the film in Smith's oeuvre that John can't quite bring to mind is the excellently silly horror comedy Severance.





Join the Highlanders (@Feexby23 and @Loll73) as we gallivant around Paul Cornell's magnificent episodes Human Nature and The Family Of Blood.

Episode 097 - 42

Facting you till you're full!


This week John and Lawrence (@Feexby23 and @Loll73) address the political and moral complexities of not quite being able to keep your attention focused on the thing you're supposed to be talking about.


It's Chibnall time as we reach his first episode as writer: 42.


The Lazarus Experiment as chaotically explained by @Feexby23 and @Loll73.


Contains more pants than any episode so far.



A wheezy old stroll round the fifth episode of the third series of that new-fangled children's TV series Doctor Who.


Hit us up on Twitter where we are @Feexby23 and @Loll73


Musings on, and a commentary for, the fourth episode of the third season of that Doctor Who everyone's talking about.


Featuring ALL the accents, and the shocking bedroom secrets of Lawrence.


Hit us up at @Feexby23 and @Loll73 on Twitter, y'all.


Peace out.

Episode 093 - Gridlock

Our commentary and various musings on the third episode of the third series of new Doctor Who - Gridlock.


The wonderful Doc Savage covers John mentions are by Keith "Kez" Wilson, and can be found here:




We can be found on Twitter. John is @Feexby23 and Lawrence is @Loll73



Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow... That makes Thursday.


Join John (@Feexby23) and Lawrence (@Loll73) as they creep in their petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time.


It's The Shakespeare Code this time. The second episode in the third series of that children's television programme we quite like: Doctor Who.



Join John and Lawrence (@Feexby23 and @Loll73) as they proceed in an orderly and learned way through the other 23 most common surnames in the UK according to some website.


Also there is an episode commentary for the first episode of Series 3 of new Doctor Who.


If you hear persistent rumbling interference throughout this episode it's probably your ears. You should get them checked. Certainly nothing to do with the dwindling faculties of your podcasters. And I'm sure it won't happen again.


We are just so excited to be back.



The fourth and final episode of our Advent Travesty.


Merry Christmas everybody! x

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