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Favourite Stories - New Who

A follow-up to last week's podcast in which we abandon the already rickety format entirely and just bang on about our favourite episodes from 2005 onwards.

We forget stuff because we are rambly old men. Isn't that right, Chesterfield? Chessington. Chesterman.

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Bewildered by the vast array of 1963-89 era Doctor Who stories? Not sure where to start?

Herewith, men and gentleladies, Lawrence and I present our choices of good episodes to jump on with for each of the first seven Doctors.

There is probably swearing. There usually is. Sorry about that.

"Brian Hayles", "Dodo" and "Peter Strickland" are just several of the things you may wish to shout as our basic inability to remember things manifests itself yet again.

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