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A commentary for the Doctor Who episode which first aired on 27/04/13.

We are still doing the sums about whether or not it is the longest title in Who history.

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7.10 - Hide

In which John and Lawrence find much to say about the spooky Neil Cross episode of Doctor Who. You can pretty much hear when the caffeine kicks in.

Furniture fetishists, the link you require is this:

And the podcast pie was delicious, thank you.

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7.09 - Cold War

A commentary to the Doctor Who episode Cold War. Even by our own ramshackle standards the facts are fast and loose here. It is Brendan not Brian Gleeson, obviously. And every time John talks about the movie Xtro he actually means Inseminoid, though Xtro is very good too, he reckons.

Those Game Of Thrones roles in full: Liam Cunningham (Zhukov) plays Davos Seaworth, Tobias Menzies (Stepashin) plays Edmure Tully and Spencer Wilding (Skaldak) plays the White Walker.

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A commentary for the eighth episode of the seventh season of Doctor Who. Including a free mnemonic device for how to remember the word Akhaten.

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It's back on the telly!

Join us as we gallivant through episode one of the second half of season seven.

The splendid and worthwhile Twitter entity mentioned in the podcast is @CarlisleWhoFan and the associated blog is at

Well worth your time.

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