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...And here is the second part of this week's double bill. Season 1, episode 13. The Parting Of The Ways.

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1.12 - Bad Wolf

First part of this week's double bill of commentaries. Season 1, episode 12. Bad Wolf...

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A commentary track for the antepenultimate episode of new Doctor Who series 1.

Antepenultimate, I say.

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...And here is part two, which is the second part.

A commentary for The Doctor Dances.

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A double bill of episode commentaries this week, as we barrel towards the conclusion of Season 1.

Here is the first part, The Empty Child...

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A commentary track, if you wait patiently, for Paul Cornell's splendid Doctor Who story Father's Day, the eighth episode of the first season of new Doctor Who.

Join us. 

We're the ones on the sofa.

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