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And here is the second part.

Lawrence is much less furious in this one so it is safe to come out from behind the sofa now.

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Ah, you know the one. Big red man lives at the bottom of a hole.

This is me and Lawrence talking through the first part of it. A word of warning: Lawrence is FURIOUS about things today. Not this episode though. We both like that just fine.

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Here we all are then. The Idiot's Lantern, a pejorative term for the telly. Like "goggle box", except when was the last time a telly looked like a box? the 1950s probably.

John is @feexby. Lawrence is @Loll73. You can email us on

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It is five minutes later.

The levels of sugar and enthusiasm are still high.
Here, then, is our commentary for the second half of Series 2's Cyberman story. Sorry about all the things.
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