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Past the halfway point now in our run of episode commentaries for the first series of new Doctor Who.

This one is The Long Game, which makes it longer than Kerplunk, but not as long as Monopoly.

Monopoly's too long, isn't it? And drearily unquestioning about the shortcomings of the capitalist system.

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1.06 - Dalek


It's the one with the Dalek in it!

(Stop saying Dalek.)

This one is quite rambling, even by our appalling rambling standards. Sorry about the rambling. There's an episode commentary in there somewhere if you care to dig.

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And here is part two.

Please feel free to leave a comment, or to tweet us at @Feexby or @Loll73

We love you.

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An amazing two for one offer this week as I and the mighty-and-often-correct Lawrence offer you two commentaries for the price of one.

Although they are free so it's also the same as you'd pay for two, none or an infinite number.

Zeroes are complicated. Maths is hard.

Anyway herewith, men and gentle-ladies, please find a commentary sort of a thing for Aliens Of London the fourth episode of New Who series one first broadcast in 2005.

(Taliban is the word we idiotically can't remember. Here is the link to the blog we talk about: )

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A commentary track for the third episode of Season One of New Who.

It's good this one. It's the one where Simon Cowell plays well-known author Darles Chickens. Fact!

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Hey. It's the second in a series of some.

Join Lawrence and me as we chunter through the second episode of Series 1 of New Who.

Your free binder to keep all these podcasts in mint condition should have arrived with you by now. Please let us know if it hasn't.

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