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A commentary track for new Who, series 2 episode 5. This week brought to you by the sugar marketing board it would seem.

Eat more sugar! It's delicious, and good for you.

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We're watching The Girl In The Fireplace. It's good, innit?
Stuff we forgot this week: the name of the actor Bruce Spence; and that the title of the film about Giulio Andreotti is Il Divo. I should have been able to remember the second one because of the embarrassing incident at the ticket office when the person at the cinema thought it was a film about a boy band of opera singers or something.
Our friend Mark, to whom we refer is @CWhoFan. He is a splendid fellow, and his blog Trap One is ace and always worth reading.

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This week the "facts" are more than usually brutalised, most egregiously when John manifestly muddles up Toby Whithouse and Stephen Thompson.

At least we all know what a gadfly is now.

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The werewolves of Scotland.
Lawrence and I pod our way through the second episode of New Who Series 2.
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Hello! We are back with a commentary and ancillary gubbins for the first episode of Series 2 of new Doctor Who: New Earth.

You can find us on Twitter as @feexby and @Loll73. Also you can email us at if you like.
Lots of love.
John & Loll

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