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DWM Poll 2014

It's the hit parade of Who.

John and Lawrence do their best Peter Powell and Kid Jenson impressions as they pick the winners and losers from the DWM 2014 Doctor Who poll.
It was the Rezillos who put it best wasn't it? Everybody's on To-ooo-oop Of The Pops.

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2.13 - Doomsday

Welcome to the triumphant stop of this season of podcasts!

A commentary for Doomsday, the final episode of New Who Series 2.
Some of the wrong things this time: It is Philippe Mora who directed Howling II and Howling III, not Phillip Noyce (ahem); and crucially it was Peter Pratt who played the Master in The Deadly Assassin, not Geoffrey Beevers.
Thanks for listening. Mwah. Mwah.

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Nearly finished now, nice lady and gentleman.

Obviously it is LL Cool J who is in Deep Blue Sea (Lampreys Love Cool J to give him his full name), not any of the people John guesses at. Sorry.
Eat breakfast! Most important meal of the day! Lawrence commands it.

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We're sorry. We are so sorry.

We tried, we really did, to find something positive to say about Fear Her. 
Couldn't do it though.

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A commentary track, clumsily presented as always, for Season 2's Doctor-light episode.

Doctor-light as in, not got much Doctor in it.  
Not the guy with hat from DC's Suicide Squad of the late eighties.
Please note that John knows fine well that it was Splodgenessabounds who had a hit with Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please. Spizzenergi (or one of their variations) charted with Where's Captain Kirk? Totally different.
Is Vic There? by Department S, now there's a tune...

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