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Series 9, episode 6. The Woman Who Lived. We are the dandy highwaymen who you're too scared to mention. We spend our cash on Doctor Who dolls, books and Blu-rays mostly. There's a commentary in here somewhere.

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More so even than any of our previous efforts, this podcast is a clear cry for help. Two elderly men mentally unravelling and succumbing to the physical rigours of the passage of time in front of a telly programme they love. Send help immediately. Send biscuits.

As a postscript, Lawrence googled the Grange Hill/Give Us A Clue theme tune conundrum. He didn't find a conclusive answer, but he did find a 1981 GUAC episode on YouTube featuring Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Sandra Dickinson and Beryl Reid.
You could watch that instead of listening to this. That's what I'm off to do. 

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Some chuntering, then a commentary for Doctor Who Series 9, Episode 4 - Before The Flood. Behold John and Lawrence's little faces as they try and get their heads around whether or not the bootstrap stuff works. Look at them. With their furrowed brows and specious fictional precedents. They're a picture.

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Series 9. Episode 3. Under The Lake.

It's great. We loved it. However we were this week, to an extent, at home to Mr. Cockup. See if you can spot when iPlayer started buffering. See also if you can spot when the digital recorder batteries ran out.
Never mind. We got there in the end. Thank you in advance for whatever degree of patience you can bring to bear.

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