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Episode seven of series 10, commentated through by @Feexby23 and @Loll73.


"It would be rude not to."

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Loll and John (The Highlanders, ayeeeee) chat through episode six of series ten: Extremis.


If we were smart people we'd have remembered that another of Tom Lehrer's songs is The Vatican Rag, but this isn't that kind of podcast.


Also our celebrity-mention curse appears this week to have extended to Roger Moore, and we couldn't be more sorry.


Night night, Sir Roger. We will miss you.

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10.05 - Oxygen

Series ten, episode five. The episode called oxygen, to which we can only say "O!"


Join @Feexby23 and @Loll73 as we blah on endlessly about how bloody good Doctor Who is at the moment.

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Episode four of series ten of the programme we quite like, Doctor Who.


Knock Knock.


Sorry about all the yawning...



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