Episode 100 - Survival

It's our hundredth episode and in celebration we have been briefly removed from our own time-streams to go old school and dawdle ineffectually around Survival from the olden days of 1989.


On at least one occasion John says Rhona Cameron instead of Rona Munro, and he could not be more mortified. Sorry.


Please read all of John Wyndham's work with the possible exception of the posthumously published Plan For Chaos.


Peter Strickland's four films Katalin Varga, Berberian Sound Studio, The Duke Of Burgundy and In Fabric are all exquisite, but they aren't for everyone.


Restraint Of Beasts by Magnus Mills is a morbidly brilliant book. Highly recommended.



This is the US Doctors thing we were nattering on about. You'll have seen it ages ago.




Lawrence would like to draw your attention to these Numberphile things:






Stay strong. You're all wonderful.



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